Gain access to WTax and the VAT IT Group’s extensive indirect tax recovery infrastructure

Diversify the back-office functions you provide to your clients


Enhanced client satisfaction and retention

  • Improved investment performance.
  • Reduced administration.
  • Accelerated reclaim timelines.

Heightened competitive advantage in the market

  • Access to a team of withholding tax experts.
  • Leverage WTax’s global recovery infrastructure.
  • Integrate with industry-leading proprietary technology.

The Wtax Partnership Model


Introduce WTax and provide a suite of fully-outsourced withholding tax services to your network.


Seamlessly share investment data with WTax to identify reclaim opportunities for your investors.


Full API integration for efficient client access to withholding tax analysis and reclaim tools through your in-house software.

Who We Partner With

Fund Administrators
Management Companies
Investment Consultants
Authorised Corporate Directors
Independent Trustees
Platform Providers
Fund Accountants

Who We Partner With

Our Partners

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