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About Us

WTax is a division of
the VAT IT Group,
the largest indirect tax recovery
firm in the world.

About Us

As world leaders in withholding tax recovery services, WTax navigates the complex world of cross border investment tax on behalf of our clients, making recovery simple, efficient and effective.

With 40 offices in all major business hubs, serving clients in over 100 countries, WTax has a specialist team on the ground wherever a client needs to file a claim.

What makes WTax different

WTax is distinguished by our global expertise and industry-leading technology.
As the global withholding tax recovery specialists, we value success.

If there is no recovery, there is no fee.

Global Specialists

Wherever a claim needs to be made, we assign a specialist team to ensure maximum recovery in the shortest possible time.

Our local teams understand the unique complexity of each jurisdiction. WTax team members are experts in the regulatory requirements of each jurisdiction in which they are deployed and are equipped to conduct claim processing in all relevant local languages.

Through our global network, we help over 10 000 clients around the world. From small businesses to multinational corporations, WTax provides personalised withholding tax recovery services to every client.

Our Technology

Our proprietary software sets us apart. We think of ourselves as a technology company, driven by our industry-leading systems.

WTax’s ISO 27001 compliant technology makes claims more efficient to process and more transparent to our clients.

Automating the claims process is faster and more effective and eliminates human error.

All claims are processed in our central processing centre, allowing us to scale up to meet any client’s specific needs.

Simplicity, transparency, accountability

The WTax online client portal gives clients real time reporting, enabling comprehensive monitoring of each stage of the claims process.

WTax online reporting is clear and simple to navigate, taking the guesswork out of recovering withholding tax.

Our systems follow the strictest protocols to ensure client data is secure and confidential.