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Maximise fund performance whilst eliminating the administrative burdens of the reclaim process

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Who Do We Work With?

Asset Managers

Pension Funds


Sovereign Wealth Funds

Hedge Funds

Insurance Companies

A Typical Client

  • Invests in foreign equities, bonds, REITs or ADRs.
  • Is being negatively impacted by foreign taxes when it comes to investment performance.
  • Faces difficulties with the administration surrounding withholding tax reclaims.
  • Utilises their custodian for foreign tax reclaims.

Our Process

Client Onboarding

  • Once onboarded you will be introduced to your dedicated account manager.
  • We obtain basic information about your investments and fund structure.


  • We assess the reclaim data together with the legal structure of the fund, the claim type and the investment country using our automated proprietary rules engine to ensure each fund’s eligible withholding tax is recovered.
  • We work in conjunction with your custodian bank to identify further opportunities to reduce withholding tax suffered.


  • We work directly with your custodian or administrator to obtain the necessary reports and supporting documentation for a successful reclaim.
  • We compile all legal arguments, complete and consolidate the required information, documentation and reporting for each reclaim.


  • We prepare and submit claims to the foreign tax authorities.
  • We handle all queries and follow-ups required to ensure a successful refund even if we did not file the original reclaim.

Refunds and Reporting

  • All claims can be tracked from submission to refund using our state-of-the-art Client Reporting Portal.


  • Contingency-based – If we do not get you a refund, we will not charge you any fees.

Methods of withholding tax relief and recovery

There are 3 mechanisms by which withholding taxes on foreign investment income can be recovered.

Double tax treaty claims

Reduces withholding tax to the treaty rate across investment jurisdictions with treaty availability.

Domestic tax exemptions

An investment country’s domestic tax legalisation is applied to receive a partial or full exemption of the withholding tax incurred.

European court of justice claims

By applying European legal precedent, EU and non-EU investors may be entitled to a full reduction of their withholding tax to 0%.

Our Technology

Expediting refund timelines, eliminating human error, empowering our clients.

Technology and innovation are at the heart of WTax’s reclaim process. Everything we do is driven by our industry-leading proprietary technology which automates the reclaim process end-to-end.

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