Who Is WTax & What Do We Do?

What is WTax?

WTax is a wholly outsourced provider of foreign withholding tax recovery. Any parties seeking to maximise their withholding tax refund can look to WTax for an end-to-end technology-driven service.

WTax assists with withholding tax refunds using three reclaim mechanisms:

  • Double taxation agreements
  • Domestic legislation exemptions
  • European Court of Justice (ECJ) claims

Leveraging off a global presence and a deep knowledge of the methodologies and treaties, WTax considers itself your premium outsourced indirect tax team, ensuring minimised tax leakage.

Who is WTax?

WTax is a division of the VAT IT Group, a multinational indirect tax services provider. WTax helps institutional investors and funds across 107 jurisdictions globally, through our 40 wholly-owned offices worldwide. WTax has successfully recovered withholding tax for over 70 different legal structures and helps over 4,000 clients to recoup their withholding tax.

As a boutique service provider, WTax gives you complete peace of mind that all possible current and future withholding tax recovery opportunities are covered. WTax’s service is unique, in that its sole and absolute focus is to recover withholding tax, which differentiates it from any other service providers in the market.

How Does WTax Work?

WTax has developed a unique withholding tax recovery service and process. We partner with funds, administrators, management companies and custodians, to provide a holistic solution to our clients. WTax’s specialist service can be synchronised to work in harmony with pre-existing custodial, management and tax advisory services.

What is WTax’s Technology?

We have built the most robust tracking and reporting platform in the industry. Our platform ensures complete transparency of the reclaim process which enables oversight over claims statuses, beneficial owners and potential refunds to come, in real-time.

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