Partnering with WTax: A 2024 Roadmap for Diversifying and Enhancing Your Back Office Solutions

In the dynamic world of asset servicing, diversifying and enhancing back office solutions is essential for maintaining a competitive edge and meeting evolving client needs. The WTax Partnership Ecosystem stands at the forefront of this evolution, offering a unique opportunity to access an extensive indirect tax recovery infrastructure. WTax provides customised partnership programmes with fund administrators, fund service providers, management companies and others, ensuring shared growth and maximum collaborative benefits.

A strategic alliance with WTax enables partners to expand their product portfolio by tapping into a wealth of expertise from withholding tax specialists and utilising a global recovery infrastructure, integrated with cutting-edge, proprietary tax technology. Such collaboration is designed to significantly boost client satisfaction and retention by improving investment performance, reducing administrative burdens and accelerating tax reclaim timelines. WTax’s primary goal is to provide partners with a heightened competitive advantage in the market, ensuring that they not only fulfil but surpass their clients’ expectations.

Looking ahead to 2024, the vision of WTax’s Director of Partnerships, Liam Ilić, is clear and ambitious:

“Our focus extends far beyond the traditional boundaries. From the nuances of white-labelling and the combined effect of cross-referrals to the pivotal role of educating the market, our commitment is unwavering. We are not just expanding our services across the market; we are cultivating a robust partnership ecosystem. This evolution is about more than just growth – it is about setting new standards and pioneering innovative solutions. Our dedication in 2024 is to not only strengthen our existing partnerships but to forge new alliances, thereby enriching our collaborative network and reinforcing our collective market presence.”

As we navigate the increasingly complex landscape of tax recovery, the necessity for specialised, outsourced solutions becomes ever more apparent. The expertise and infrastructure that WTax offers in this realm are not just advantageous, they are essential for those looking to stay ahead in a complex financial environment. So, as we stand on the brink of 2024, a pivotal question arises: Is this the year you choose to collaborate with WTax and transform the way you approach tax recovery?

Why Partner with WTax?

  • WTax provides attractive revenue sharing options tailored to the partner’s specific needs.
  • WTax services 1 in 5 of the world’s largest asset managers and asset owners.
  • WTax services over 5,000 funds with clients ranging from £10M to £1T AUM
  • Amount of tax recovered for group clients to date: £5 Billion+

Present members of WTax’s Partnership Ecosystem include:




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